Structural Repairs view References

On the apron, in the hangar at your site, in remote places or at our premises – we repair aeroplanes whenever required and wherever we are needed.

Our aircraft manufacturers are on the move worldwide to repair aeroplanes, often after landing accidents. New wings, functional undercarriages – we make your plane fit for the skies again. We always provide perfect craftsmanship and sophisticated work. We repair aircraft – because we can and are enthusiastic about aeroplane technology.

Our services include:

  • inspection of components – engineering / calculations of supporting structural components
  • upgrading defective or broken components
  • manufacturing components from metal or composite materials
  • repairs to classics, airliners, commercial aircraft and helicopters

Structural Assembling view References

We make aircraft parts – meticulous, precise and sophisticated. Whether it’s undercarriage cladding, doors or control surfaces, perfection and passion for aircraft construction are behind each of our parts.

We also create components for the PC-6 of Swiss Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Sophisticated materials, high standards of quality and solid construction set this multipurpose aircraft apart. Even today it is still called the best aircraft of its class in the world.

When top-quality components are needed in aircraft construction, plans and drawings are to be implemented perfectly and there is also a need to respond quickly and flexibly, then we are the right partner for you.

Modification view References

We modify a variety of aircraft types, vintage aircraft and reconstructions to suit individual requests, new circumstances and current aviation regulations. We dedicate ourselves to every task with great care, technical expertise and empathy.

This produces economic and vintage aircraft that comply for example with Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 23, or offer occupants the necessary safety with landing gear with brakes or resilient seats and attachments. Whether it is rebuilding one or two-seater aircraft or trainer aircraft, fuel-efficient models, or turbines instead of radial engines – we are happy to turn individual ideas into reality.

For static and dynamic verifications of modifications, we work closely with our engineering office and coordinate with the responsible aviation authority to make sure that the new aircraft can later be authorised in a smooth flow.


We restore historical and no-longer-airworthy aircraft and make them fit to take to the skies once again. We are aware of and comply with the technical requirements for official authorisation and ensure that you can safely take off and land in your dream aircraft.

Our services include:

  • Restoring historical aircraft, such as trainer aircraft or world war fighter aircraft
  • Searching for production documents, construction plans and drawings
  • Corrosion repair
  • Manufacturing missing and broken components or assemblies
  • Close cooperation with the responsible aviation authority to coordinate the technical requirements for the aircraft’s reauthorisation
  • Clear documentation of the work steps

Bringing aircraft from a bygone era back to life – we rebuild historical aircraft.

When it comes to rebuilding vintage aircraft from various eras of the last century, we use manufacturing methods from the past and present. Images, sketches and museum pieces serve as a basis for producing airworthy and authorised aircraft.

This is how we rebuilt the Junkers F 13, the world’s first all-metal aircraft.

Our services include:

  • Completely rebuilding airworthy aircraft types based on old construction plans
  • Searching for production documents
  • New production of construction drawings
  • 3D scanning of aircraft or aircraft components for data collection